It is usually said that if you don’t speak up, don’t express what you think what you want, then the others will never know. Nobody can read our minds! I totally agree!

I have encountered myself and saw also around me many situations when things were said/ expressed but actually never really listed to and taken into consideration.

Thinking about your job, did it happen to you to be encouraged to express the new ideas, your views on company’s structure/ development (depending on the area you work in) or any other (not harmful for the company) issues? Did it also happened that if you did not express you were asked to do it, and if you did, did you actually got listened to?

Also privately, how many times did your boyfriend tell you that when he is busy and focused on something to let him be and not to disturb him? And how many times did you actually listen to his wish? Or how many times you told your boyfriend to call you or send you a text when he is far away, did he actively listen to your wish?

Why don’t we listen and consider what the others are saying, expressing to us? I am not saying to blindly listen and act accordingly, no! I am saying to listen, get it through our own filters, see the reasoning behind it, and then either act upon it or express why our view is different.

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