We always fight to be more independent, stay on our own feet, manage everything with no help or support, be our own partner in life…

I agree and disagree in the same time.

I am not saying that you should be helpless and not be able to make any decision or do any step without help, you should manage your life/ happiness by yourself (change a bulb, fix the dishwasher if broken, enjoy the time with yourself alone, etc) but you should not forget the lady in you that likes to wear the sexy lingerie, that likes to have the door open for her, to hear compliments, to be protected, to be warmed up when it is cold…

I love going to work and be the business woman that has everything under control, but in the same time I simply adore coming home and surrendering myself in the arms of the beloved one and letting him have me under control (I am not referring to be his slave and have no opinion whatsoever- I am just saying – BE A WOMAN in all senses)

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