A touch of pink
APreciouZ,  Streetstyle


Some pink details were necessary the other day. I was in a girly mood, so I took my pink skirt and ApreciouZ earrings. I was so uninspired but the outcome of this randomly picked pieces was exactly what I wanted 🙂

Looking now again at the pics I realized that each an single piece has been worn very seldom. I really cannot explain why is that…

Once interesting fact is, that this blazer belonged to my mum when she was about my age now. I guess if you followed this blog, you already noticed I have quite some pieces from my grandmother and mother. They had a good taste and in those days the clothing where made of a much better quality that allows them to stay good so long and look as brand new almost 🙂

A touch of pink A touch of pink A touch of pink A touch of pink A touch of pink A touch of pink


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