I LOVE being a child again!!! Having no worries, eating cotton candy, running like a maniac after clowns and colorful machines…

This is what I’ve done some weeks ago when Anca was visiting me. We decided to spend an afternoon in Prater, the fun park in Vienna (if your are her go and spend a day there…will have so much fun). We went in almost every single possible dangerous fun machine, as well as in the most hilarious ones…we avoided the horror ones (I am too scared)

I only did a small mistake that day… I decided that I want to be comfy, fitting to the mood there, flexible, but there was one thing that I did not consider….as most of the things are having full speed and are in the air, a dress was a NO GO 🙂

Despite this and showing to some people what I was wearing underneath (I was decent) all went perfect!!!


Blue butterfly APreciouZ necklace

Denim jacket Blue butterfly APreciouZ necklace

fairy tale striped dress red converse

red converse

Striped Dress Red Converse

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