Picknick Time
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As Summer is finally here, so does the picknick season start. As picknick is all about spending time with friends, having some snacks, reading in the sun, I decided to put together a picknick outfit (the way I see it). I must admit that I never understand the girls who go in mini skirts, low waist skinny-jeans or heels and tons of make-up. This is why here is my interpretation and view on what to wear for a perfect summer afternoon. It all starts with a easy breezy pair of shoes that you can easily can take of or put on, then a pair of shorts that let you be flexible and a flowy blouse exactly for the same reason. To make the outfit more interesting, and also very useful if you plan to stay in the sun, add a hat. And last but not least- you will need a BIG bag to put your magazines, books, sun cream, bikinis, blanket and whatever else you might need.

What do you think? Did I pull off the right outfit?

Picknick Time Picknick Time Picknick Time Picknick Time Picknick Time


    • Steffi

      Kyllä niitä ostajia takuulla tulee. Mutta taidanpa itse jättää väliin… En muutenkaan ole oikein innostunut keinoista tuhota karvankasvu kokonaan. Ne ovat kuitenkin olemassa jostain syystä eikä se ajelu silloin tällöin niin kauhea operaatio ole. Ja talvella karvasääret ON läimmpämmät kuin ajellut. Testattu juttu!

    • http://www.myelitedetail.us/

      I wish my good shots were as brilliant as this "bad" shot of yours. Although the photo does not enlarge, I see it focused on the eye of the bird, and that seems pretty good to me; but then I am not a pro. And on my screen it does not look underexposed at all. Overall, it's a delightful photo.

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