Just stumbled upon this pics that we took almost two months ago…

For this day, as we did something outside very relaxing I thought of wearing a dress and put on some heels. I wore the Pink Queen necklace to give a twist to the outfit.

This necklace is a very versatile necklace. It can be easily worn with a nice dress for a Sunday brunch or an evening party, but also with a pair of jeans shorts like here. I am kinda obsessed with it, as I wear it to everything!
Ooh Kalancea White Dress Pink Statement Jewelry by APreciouZ

Portrait Kalancea Pink Cord Rope Necklace by APreciouZ

The Kiss Kalancea Pink Silk Cord Rope Necklace by APreciouZ

Zara Dress/ Zalando Heels/ APreciouZ Necklace

Photos by Michael Eichert

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