Friends!!! So important persons in each of our lives. I got the chance to meet so many people during my traveling/ studying/ working abroad and I am very thankful for that. We spent amazing times together, have memories that I will worship forever.

Last weekend we had Diane visiting us. She has never seen Vienna before so we had to do a long walk around the nice places in beautiful Vienna. We had a great time laughing, walking, partying, debating politics (with my boyfriend) and relationships (with both of us), sleeping, and just hanging around.

I wished I could gather all my friends and have them around always…but then, how will we get to do always different things and have our special moments which are part of every friendship individually?


Diane and Iubita walking the streets of Vienna

Diane and Iubita Belvedere-6

Diane and Iubita Belvedere-5

Diane and Iubita Belvedere-4

Diane and Iubita at Karlskirche
Diane and Dana at the bus stop vintage-2

Diane and Dana at Karlskirche-2

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