Chilly days in Vienna
APreciouZ,  Streetstyle


Chilly days in Vienna require to do some layering with the warmest things one can find in their wardrobe. I do not honestly understand the weather this year, but as I cannot change it I think it is about time to stop complaining and accept it. I am trying to make the best out of it and combine some of my Summer favorites together with some Spring ones and Winter 🙂 Crazy I know but it works! A silk white blouse, a pair of skinny jeans, together with a cardigan to keep me warm and a “manly” touch with the shoes and blazer. I felt so empowered and great. It is amazing how sometimes (most of the times) and outfit can change our moods. I have couple of pieces as well as specific combos that whenever I would wear I would feel strong as I can conquer the world. Do you have this also? What are your pieces that give you that special energy and feeling that everything is possible?

Chilly days in Vienna Chilly days in Vienna Chilly days in Vienna Chilly days in Vienna Chilly days in Vienna


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