Business Attire
APreciouZ,  Streetstyle


Since I was a kid I was indoctrinated with the bad image of the ‘business attire’. It was associated with banks, rigid and strict jobs, where creativity did not have a place. Growing up, my biggest fear was having to work for a company like that, which would have been a torture for me and most likely bring me in depression. Luckily, in the companies I worked for, ‘smart-casual’ was the ‘daily attire’ and ‘business’ only when we had customer meetings. Working in sale is a very challenging and interesting job where you have to know your business and also be confident about it and having the right outfit is a must. Not only for the impression you make, but also for the way you feel when you wear just the right things. Going for a black two piece suite with a white shirt was not a viable option for me and this is why I decided to make the ‘business attire’ more interesting.

Suit pants + boyfriend buttoned up white shirt+ a different interpretation of a tie+ a touch of animal print heals = a big boost of confidence and a successful sale 🙂

Business Attire Business Attire Business Attire

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