Two cultures, two styles, two souls, two creative minds and one goal.

This is how we started! Two different women having the same wish: MAKE THE DREAM COME TRUE. If you want an UNIQUE, HANDMADE JEWELLERY, that makes you STAND OUT from the crowd and brings your simples outfit to LIFE, you are having your eyes on the right pieces then.

Atelier PreciouZ is the project that a friend and I have been working at in the past 4 months. We are very proud to have it ready and be able to share it with you.
Let me know what do you think, and I hope to see you having a “PreciouZ” around your neck soon!!!
If you want want send me an e-mail and we can discuss details how we can get you own PreciouZ!


Some pieces…for more…follow us on Atelier PreciouZ!



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