APreciouZ Photo Shoot and Khaki Dress

Ingredients for a perfect Sunday:

1. Wake up!

2. Go for a morning jog or other sport

3. Have a very rich breakfast with all the things that you love and are healthy

4. Put on something simple, comfy and fabulous: I chose a long khaki dress accessorized with a denim shirt, a pair of nude boots, and the Mint Candy APreciouZ bracelet.

5. Go and meet up friends and do something that you do not do on a normal basis – we made our first photo shoot with a friend of ours  for our jewelry collection APreciouZ. It was a lot of fun and we made some amazing pictures of our model Andreea. Many things in life are just about trying, doing it again and excelling at it. We will post the results of the shoot soon here on the blog, so make sure to check on us again! 🙂

6. Have a nice dinner together to close up the “exhausting” day

7. Come back home and spend some time with your love (boyfriend/ cat/dog/ favorite book/ movie)

8. Get in bed and SMILE because you just had another great day in your life 🙂


Kaki Dress with Denim shirt and preciouz bracelet biker boots-4

Kaki Dress with Denim shirt-5

Kaki Dress with Denim shirt-miss sixty bag

Kaki Dress with Denim shirt

Kaki Dress with Denim shirt-biker bootsjpg

Kaki Dress with Denim shirt and preciouz bracelet leave necklace

H&M Dress/ MTNG Boots/ Accessorize Necklaces/ C&A Shirt/ Miss Sixty Bag/ APreciouZ Bracelet

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