A very known fact that already is to all of you, is that together with my boyfriend we started a handcrafted jewelery business made out of silk and satin ropes.

We have been many times asked “How do your pieces  look on a person? To an outfit? How are the sizes?etc…

So we decided to start a series of photo-shoots with people we know, with people we do not know to show to all of you different type of persons, colors, structures, styles. There is an APreciouZ for each one of you ladies and we just want to help you find it 🙂

First photo-shoot started with my BFF Andreea (who is also the main model of our brand). On a Sunday morning we packed up the laps, reflectors, camera, lenses, jewelry and headed to her place. Arrived there we first spent quite some times in the bathroom getting ready with the makeup and hair. Once this was done we moved to the photo session.

Funny thing was that I wanted to get out of her the confident, seductive woman that she is, but as my boyfriend was the photographer, we had to laugh many many times when I was saying “come on baby! give me the sexy look“.

It was a day full of fun, great pictures, and an amazing result at the end. Don’t you think so?



APpreciouZ Crossing Paths Handmade NecklaceAPreciouZ Photo Shoot Team @ KalanceaAPreciouZ Nostalgia Elegant NecklaceAPreciouZ Photoshoot Handmade Necklace Kalancea_

APreciouZ Jewelry Handmade BraceletsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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