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Those extra Christmas kilos…

I guess we all tend during Christmas to over eat, no? And we also tend to carry on some extra kilograms in the New Year?

This was the case for me every single year since I remember. And as every New Year starts with new goals and plans, one of them has always been to lose those extra kgs and some others that gathered during the previous year. I usually had to keep a short diet and problem solved.

Now…it is more difficult…

I know that age doesn’t matter in general, but it does affect your body as we all know it. One of the things that have changed after I turned 30 (now I am already 31), the diets are not as effective in a short time anymore. Now I need to keep it for a longer period and be really strict. No “cheat days” are allowed.

It is not that I consider myself fat (given my heights and shapes) but I do not feel comfortable in my skin when I am gaining some new kilograms. I tend to wear wider clothes, feel weak, have a bad mood, even my sex appetite is decreasing. This is why for my self-confidence I need to get rid of the extra ones. Plus this year, as I am getting married at the beach, I would like to look at my best.

So, last week I started my diet in combination with sports. It is not a random uninformed diet. I always consult with a nutritionist, read books and inform myself properly about anything that I am doing to my body. Now one week later I can feel the changes and also feel how my mood is improving and so does my sex life.

I cannot wait and see what it will do to me in couple of months. I only hope to be strong and keep it as planned the diet and the 4 times a week crossfit.

What are your experiences with diets?

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