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As promised in my previous blog post, I’ll share with you some more pictures from my wedding- a day to always remember. Yet, as I know that most of you already follow me on Instagram (if not, quickly add me here @kalancea), where I shared so many pics in my stories, I wouldn’t want to overload you here too.

This is why I decided to talk about THE BIG DAY – the day I quit my job (again).

First of all, I worked in a great team with super colleagues. I had the whole package but it simply didn’t feel right. My decision had nothing to do with the company or the people working there, but with me feeling I wasn’t in the right place. It wasn’t an easy decision, and it took me a while to actually have “the talk” with my boss, but after one year, I got the courage and decided that now is the moment.

I had many things to look forward to, so many things that needed to be done and projects to be implemented and so on and so on.  Of course I was on the one hand terrified leaving behind a very good reliable source of income and jump into an unknown future on all levels. Still, I was anxious for the exciting times and crazy busy times that were ahead of me.

You might be wondering, what are these exciting and crazy busy times all about?

  1. Revival of the Apreciouz brand (my handmade designs brand founded 3 years ago). New collections, new collaborations and a new approach. The biggest change (still coming up) is the Basic Line. A dream of mine was always to create colourful statement pieces (you also can see that in my jewellery designs). It will be very basic and easy cut in very bold color combos. I will have 9 different designs that can easily be worn on their own or combined between them. I shared some prototypes on social media already (check the Instagram account @apreciouz)
  2. Next level for #BrunchClubVienna. Over 2 years ago, together with my partner in crime Alice, we started our brunch pop-up series in Vienna’s coolest locations. We gathered the craziest brunch trends around the world, added our little twist and brought together Vienna’s foodie community. As the community grew bigger and the requests increased too, we decided to take it to the next level and create a platform for the foodies where we collaborate with amazing influencers, brands and create tasty content. A platform to inspire and be inspired by. In addition to the knowledge sharing, pop-up events, and creating cool experiences, we’re also a food & restaurant marketing agency for the brands offering our services in social media, influencer marketing and event management. Check out more here The Brunch Club.
  3. AND an open project that I hope to be implementing by the end of this year, which will bring these two businesses together… in a way 🙂 Will share more when the time comes.

To sum it up, it was a hell of a roller coaster last year and the journey is still just beginning.

Ahead of me is a year in which I will launch my very first clothing line, and two new jewellery collections SS18 & AW18, couple of #BrunchClubVienna Pop-Up Events, crazy projects and collaborators on The Brunch Club, cool tasty customers and who knows what else. It will be a busy, stressful year – but I will enjoy it every step of the way!

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