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The sweet Wearabelle had nominated me to share some random facts about myself. There are so many facts about me (we are all very complex people) that I do not know what to share here 🙂

Well, I will start with 5 facts that I could think of right now. Most of them you might already know (if you are following my blog constantly)

1st Fact

I am addicted to my cat. Yes, I know that we all are madly in love with our pets but I think I am taking it to the next level. (hahahah)

I would cancel my evening plans if I feel that she was sad when I left home

I cry everytime I am coming back home from a holiday and she is giving me the “cold shoulder”

Murka the cat

2nd Fact

Since I was a child I spent my Summers with my grandmother leaning how to sew and do any types of handcrafts. This is also why I started my own jewelry company, where I design and create from scratch all the pieces. I am in my own world everytime I create something.

Dana Founder APreciouZ Pink Queen Necklace

3rd Fact

I could eat frozen yogourttill I cannot move anymore and will still continue eating. No matter if it is Winter or Summer I always have frozen yogourt in my freezer.

Frozen Yogourt

4th Fact

I hate wearing high heels. I love how they look on other people, but I cannot wear them. I seldomly find shoes with high heels that I feel comfortable in. I have 3 pairs at the moment that I can wear and I like, but in my wordrobe you can find more high heels that I wore once or twice. If you have any tipps in how I can manage to walk a whole day in heels please let me know.

zara heels bloggers

5th Fact

When I was 8 years old I did Ballet for 3 years. I loved it and I like to think I was good at it. But when my family decided to move to Romania I had to stop and I never started it again 🙁

Posing at the sea

I would be more than curious to know some random facts from Mirela, Kathi, and Nina.

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