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This is a question I’ve asked myself many times. Many times I wonder: how do I know if the person I’m with is “the one” or not? I for sure thought that many times with my long lasting boyfriends and I proved to be wrong 🙂

When I met my husband, I think it was the first time I did not think he was the one. Actually I stopped thinking and searching for that. I just felt it was a good fit, and I enjoyed spending time with him. After more time had passed and our relationships evolved, I started realising that he was THE ONE. I saw traits in him that I always wished in a man.

Here is the top 4 that made me want to say “yes” all over again:

  1. We are two very different individuals but with one common goal / view on our life. We have different interests and we have different passions and ways of being, but we both have the same principles and expectations in life. For me this was was a sign that he is the one, as there’s nothing better than knowing that we’re both building a common future that each one of us wants.
  2. He challenges me and I challenge him in being better versions of ourselves. Since we are together we became more dedicated to our passions and went out of our comfort zones to reach more.
  3. I rely on him no matter what. He gives me this feeling every single day and unfortunately life put me through some rough times lately where I could feel his support. Knowing that I can count on him in any kind of circumstances definitely ads to the list of “qualities to have to be my THE ONE”.
  4. The element of fun! He gets me and I get him. We understand each other’s jokes and we can makes each other laugh every day. Definitely a quality I treasure.

These are just couple of qualities that make him “THE ONE”. What qualities are you looking for in your partner?

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