• Izavel Varela Behind the Scenes


    One thing I want to talk to you about today, it is again  a post from NYC, but this time is not about me 🙂 This time I want to talk to you about this local designer that I met during the trip there. I will not tell you about how she does it and what she does. You can find all the details about her locally produced sustainable Fashion on her website here. I want to tell you about the person, Izavel. To start with the beginning…when we decided to go for a holiday to NYC we immediately looked for some nice Airbnb places in Manhattan where to stay.…



    Every first Saturday of each month you can enjoy a delicious brunch in Trendzeit having in the same time the chance to meet some great designers. I was invited to attend the first brunch event on the 7th of May. When I arrived there I was created by a lovely group of people with a glass of prosecco. I had a small talk with the other guests and enjoyed a tour of the shop checking out the latest collections. 30 minutes later we wore invited to take a seat and enjoy a delicious meal. Everything was vegetarian which made me very happy. We wore served so many interesting new delicious…

  • ApreciouZ Event SS16 austrian designer
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    Two weeks ago took place the first ApreciouZ event where I launched the new Spring / Summer Collection 2016. It was such a great event and more than I expected. We were full from the first moment we opened the doors and we had to almost kick out people at the end because they still wanted to stay. The positive reaction to the new colors and the Limited Edition pieces was great and I am so happy to see that so many of the guests made sure to purchase the new pieces as soon as they were available. I am so happy and grateful that I can do what I…

  • Popup store Vienna


    As you all know, I am also the lady behind ApreciouZ. I am since two month focusing on it 150% and my entire day and week just goes around it. Also, now that I have more time to take care of my passion called ApreciouZ, I also have more time to participate at different Pop-up Stores. I did not do it before and only recently decided to check it out and I think it is a good option for the start-ups. To make sure you have all the insights to this, I am having today a guest blog post from lovely Katharina 🙂   And btw, you can find me…

  • Popup store Vienna
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    Last weekend I spend two days with #apreciouz at the Pop-up Store in Breite-Gasse 11. Together with Biaschtlbude , Veran , and Pop.Cut we exhibited and sold our designs there for two days. There you could delight yourself with some delicious Cake pops (the Zitrone one is my favorite), have a good chat and laugh with us the designers, as well as to shop some of our products. It was great time but also a melting time 🙂 In case you have not been in Vienna last weekend, let me tell you that the heat those two days was unbearable!!! I was very happy that some of you guys came along and I appreciate it…

  • Holy Ghost Runway
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    I am not a big fan of attending Fashion Weeks, nor too much about writing and posting pictures from these events. Yet this one is worth sharing. We arrived in RAW Gelaende in Berlin and first I could not really understand the place. Loads of Graffiti, skateboarders, people smoking you know what, and quite different from the rest of Berlin. Yet, we continued walking around to see what is there. Five minutes later we loved it and wished to have areas like this in Vienna. Some very nice coffee places around there. We had a juice and then went to the entrance of the place where the Holy Ghost Runway…

  • Streetstyle


        Some days ago I decided to have a short walk around the favorite part of the city. I adore walking through the small streets, seeing all the tiny coffee places, discovering new designers, handmade pieces. As the weather was not as bad as it is today, wearing my most beloved coat in the world was just perfect for it. I bought this coat two years ago and I am not getting tired of it. What is the pieces that you think you will never ever get tired of?

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    An event that I attend every year. The perfect place to find upcoming designers, unique pieces, and meet like minded people. Thank you so much for the invite  Julius Meinl and Modepalast. I spent my time catching up with some bloggers, meeting great designers, drinking tasty Julius Meinl coffee, and shopping of course 🙂    

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    What can be easier to wear than a T-shirt??? This piece is a must and has been and it is in everyone’s wardrobe. Over time it took different forms, different colors, different designs, to fit to every single taste! The ones that make the biggest statement nowadays are the one that transmit a message, the ones that catch you eye in one second. This is why, Likoli T-shirts are one of my favorite choices currently: simple, easy to wear, and hilarious messages. As I wanted a lady-like, yet playful look, the Zebra T-shirt was my choice for today! 🙂 Likoli T-shirt/ Vintage Skirt & Earrings/ Accessorize Belt Photos by Michael…

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    INNSBRUCK FAIR-Instagram preview

    This weekend we are spending it in Innsbruck, a beautiful place in Austrian mountains! No, we are not here (only) for recharging our batteries but for work. These two days we are together with other jewelry designers showing our pieces and getting the pleasure to meet you here in Innsbruck! More details in the next post when I will also share with you our biggest craziest adventure EVER!!!! Believe me…you want to stay tuned!